The other day I learned I share a birthday with the late Andy Warhol, only to discover the information was erroneous; our birthdays are separated by a day. Proximity will have to do, given Warhol’s star, and few will blame me for cozying up to the genius to feel, then master the affect. I first saw his work  in London. The Marilyn series, her quadrupled face, sick with pop colors, flanked by other Warholia: A chair, a cape, a cane to knight the future superstars. Warhol was born in Pennsylvania; in New York, he elucidated best practices for deification. Warhol was shot yet survived. According to Wikipedia, he gained fame for his whimsical ink drawings of shoe advertisements. The first Factory appeared in 1962. My writing is online. I created Specter, a literary magazine. I created LIT, a music and reading series. An editor for Catapult, Mensah lives in New York with his creative partner and her boy|girl twins.