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Waiting for Frank Ocean

August 19, 2016

Waiting for Frank Ocean, bored out of my mind as I stare at the screen, my MacBook Air, once loved, now an old thing ready to be sold, or recycle-trashed in China, I’m thinking about my body. I have a physical examination coming soon—fun times for all involved—so I guess I’m thinking through my body, […]

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Soon it’ll be September

August 13, 2016

Current conditions favor the ambitious with open hearts as bedeviled villains in angel clothing fall tumbling into their own rubble; these vague images flutter in my mind as the heat pounds. No end in sight. I sit in front a fan where I’ve sat for hours typing an essay multiple weeks past due due to […]

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Time is Life (35th Birthday)

August 5, 2016

I’ve long suspected that writing changes when you do it from a mobile phone instead of a computer or, if you’re insistent and insufferable and therefore someone I would like, an iPad with an external keyboard. The writing becomes more immediate, which isn’t the best texture for all occasions. Like slow cooking, patient writing brings […]

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No more political conventions

July 26, 2016

Since returning from vacation in the south, my patience for the theatrical has become limited; this makes the life of a stepparent complicated, or error-prone, and the American presidential conventions can hardly be stomached, both of them. I live my life banking on the possibility that, whatever happens after November, the planet will continue to […]

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Dispatch from the Confederacy

July 18, 2016

I hate coming to the south, even when as a child my family and I would drive from Jersey to Georgia to visit my mother’s parents, and particularly now as a man when my family and I have travelled from Brooklyn to visit my partner’s mother. Ah, the rumpled faces belonging to other people who […]

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New York Summers

July 13, 2016

It is the Thursday before the Fourth of July and, looking three floors up from this position at my desk in our home, I can see into a dim apartment where a white woman paces and smokes, bounding in and out of the room. The lifeblood drained, New York settles into a specific torpor. This […]

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Café Bustelo

July 9, 2016

I’ve had some trouble remembering when I first tasted Café Bustelo coffee. I remember when I didn’t drink it daily, around the time I read this love letter by Alexander Chee; I was stuck on Folgers, desperate for something, something that requires better taste. 2010. My god, the time. It’s nothing anymore; it’s all trash, […]

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July 7, 2016

I won’t feel anything, so goes my theory. If I don’t watch, then I won’t feel anything; my negotiation inspires a banal exhaustion. The devastating sun gawks over New York, in increasing degrees, down to the sidewalk. I feel nothing but heat. I feel the heat on my skin. If I don’t watch then I […]

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Everyone is a Writer

June 29, 2016

The content war requires bodies. Freelancers stand on line outside new media’s office building, the queue stretching back to Jersey: some writers hold crisp pitches fresh from the imagination; others look for staff positions with resumes tucked under their arms; all of them audition for pittances relative to the value of their words, their lives. Give […]

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Stealing from the Dead

June 23, 2016

Once, I left behind two hundred books as a failed life—and all its accruements, from divorce to despondency with a dash of unemployment—dragged itself into the trash bin. I relocated from New Jersey to New York in 2012 weightless without all those books voracious readers cherish yet loathe to move. The void presented an opportunity, one which […]

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