Month: September 2016

Crying in public

September 9, 2016

Often, I see people crying on the subway, either in the train or on the platform. I always try to make eye contact, though I am rarely successful. They don’t so much look away as they are always looking down, or nowhere, out into space, running the film in their heads over and again. I […]

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Self care

September 5, 2016

The exam room’s white ceiling offered up a future in disconnected constellations; the ceiling’s many dots connect and form nothing, and the adhesive is cold to the touch. I wince each time the nurse applies an electrode to my body—one each for my legs and arms, and four along the left side of my torso—because […]

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Taking Pictures

September 2, 2016

I like to populate my Instagram feed with photos framed by ennui, the blue filters chosen for effect. With equal parts vanity and boredom, I inundate viewers with quiet, compressed photos. Since reading Sontag’s On Photography, I’ve tried to give the medium a fair shake, an attempt elucidated by time and distance, away from Georgia […]

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