Month: August 2016

Waiting for Frank Ocean

August 19, 2016

Waiting for Frank Ocean, bored out of my mind as I stare at the screen, my MacBook Air, once loved, now an old thing ready to be sold, or recycle-trashed in China, I’m thinking about my body. I have a physical examination coming soon—fun times for all involved—so I guess I’m thinking through my body, […]

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Soon it’ll be September

August 13, 2016

Current conditions favor the ambitious with open hearts as bedeviled villains in angel clothing fall tumbling into their own rubble; these vague images flutter in my mind as the heat pounds. No end in sight. I sit in front a fan where I’ve sat for hours typing an essay multiple weeks past due due to […]

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Time is Life (35th Birthday)

August 5, 2016

I’ve long suspected that writing changes when you do it from a mobile phone instead of a computer or, if you’re insistent and insufferable and therefore someone I would like, an iPad with an external keyboard. The writing becomes more immediate, which isn’t the best texture for all occasions. Like slow cooking, patient writing brings […]

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